Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

13 Jul

Yesterday I got a phone call asking for 60 mini Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes that they tried last weekend!! To make this situation even better the order is from a BBQ place in my home town!!! Reo’s Ribs is known for their southern tasting BBQ and to top it off…it is co-owned by Snoop Dogg’s uncle!!!! Now, I’m not much a rape enthusiast..but I mean, come on who wouldn’t get excited about that?

This morning I woke up bright and early (5am!!) and got started.  I got my butter, eggs, and milk out to let get to room temperature.  As I was mixing up my dry ingredients I realized I had no lemons!!!! And you can’t make lemonade without lemons.  Just go to the store you are probably thinking…oh but remember it is 5am and what store is open?  None, none at all.  So, now I had to sit and wait until 7am when Safeway opened.  Humph :-/

So, as I waited I internet surfed…because, I mean what else is there to do at 5am.  I have now become obsessed with this adorable blog: Bake It Pretty. I want to so bad fly to North Carolina and see their actual shop!!!

Ok, 7am finally came around and I was able to run into the store and race home and start baking.

Cupcakes Mixing

Raspberry Lemonade Batter

These cupcakes turned out wonderful, the top of the cupcake is kind of chewy because of the raspberry syrup and so light and fluffy to chomp into..The cake itself is made with both fresh lemons and raspberry syrup whereas the frosting is just a light flavored raspberry creamy frosting.

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

And now they are packaged and ready to be sold at Roe’s Ribs so they can be eaten by everyone!! I hope the public enjoys them and I can make for for Reo!!!

Final Product



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